FINNSS|Peiper @ 19:18
Hallo alles... Wie Gehts?
FINNSS|Peiper @ 11:14
Happy 103th Independece day, for Finland, Finnish Capital, Helsinki, Was ONLY Axis Capital, Wich were not concured during WW2!! My GrandPa and Uncle came back... 2 other Uncles did not... Those 2 with their brothers gave their lives, for me!!
[SoKoK] Cpt.Zobel @ 19:39
hey Perseus!!
FINNSS|Peiper @ 05:41
MEIER or Someone, Please Contact me or G4L-RoadKill... For UO War-Archive.?
[SoKoK] Cpt.Zobel @ 11:38
Schönes Wochenende